Bess Cuddon-Corlet


Hi I am Bess a year 12 student from Marlborough Girls College and I am the CEO of Refloat. Something that inspired me to start this business was when I saw a lot of pool toys going to waste over the summer holidays and I was disappointed that so much plastic was going to waste that could be reused. This problem inspired me to join business class and do something to change this problem of plastic waste. My job at refloat is to make the products and make sure everyone is doing their part to make the business as good as it can be. Refloat is a huge passion of mine and I hope we can become bigger in the future. 

Laura Elliot-Whale


Hi, my name is Laura and I’m a year 12 business student from Marlborough Girls College and am the CFO of ReFloat. I keep track of ReFloats finances. ReFloat is an amazing business and has such a cool way of helping the environment while also fulfilling the needs of our customers. We are a small business at the moment but we have hopes to grow bigger and expand so we are available to more customers across NZ and in Australia. I am very passionate about ReFloat and what we do to better our community, help the environment and help add sustainability into your daily routine.

Sydney White

Chief of marketing and sales

Hi I'm Sydney! I am a year 12 student who attends Marlborough Girls College and I manage the marketing and sales at Refloat. I am really proud that I have become a part of ReFloat as I absolutely love our business and I think our product is an amazing sustainable product. I source the material and clean it so it is ready to give to Bess to sew into your personal bag. Thank you so much to the 'Yes' program for making this possible for us!

Ryn Pretty


Hi, I’m Ryn, I’m a Marlborough Girls College student in year 12, and I take care of administration at Refloat. I am really happy to be a part of this company, as I believe our product benefits the environment, and is useful to consumers. I love our business and am excited to be producing it. I handle emails and cut out the pattern pieces to be given to our CEO for sewing, before they are ready to be sold! Thank you to the YES program for making this business possible.